Shalom al Yisrael
שלום על ישראל


The Hebrew language

Scripture was originally written in Hebrew and Aramaic.  The majority of the Tanach (Genesis - Malachi in English Bibles) was written in Hebrew with a few sections of Daniel written in Aramaic.

As with all translations a certain amount of clarity through the connotative and denotative meanings of words is lost.  For this reason we endeavor to learn this language, that we might more adequately understand the message God is trying to communicate.

This page is designed to give you basic understanding and provide Hebrew resources so that you can continue your own studies, guided by the Spirit and armed with an understanding of the language with which YHVH communicated to His chosen people. 

Lessons in Hebrew
Aleph-Bet 1
Aleph-Bet 2
Paleo Chart
Learn Hebrew from Concordia Seminary (ITunes Required)

Learn Hebrew from Associated Mennonite BiblicalSeminary (ITunes Required)

Hebrew Tanach
Hebrew-English Bible
MP3 Hebrew Bible

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